Does it take less amount of time to learn Backend than it takes to learn Frontend in FreeCodecamp?

I am guessing the answer is no. But I was just looking at the Back End certifications as I am nearing the end of the Front End ones which I am about to continue after a while, and I saw that most of them have very less number of sections(like say 2-3) and also very less number of exercises(10-15 etc). I wonder whether it takes less amount of time to complete as compared to the Front End ones which has so many sections and so many exercises in each section like 50+ in some, 30+ in most.

Front End was introducing a greater number of libraries and frameworks than what the Back End part does
Also, in this case, the bit work you already did with the JavaScript cert, so now it is adding those few features added to JavaScript by NodeJS, ExpressJS etc, in this case there is no new syntax to learn

The projects again will be where most of the time will be spent as you will be applying the new concepts

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