Does “Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz” throw a lot at us that we haven’t gone over before?

I haven’t taken a break from this course for a single day, but for some reason it feels like this project in particular threw a lot at me that I don’t remember learning or haven’t actually learned before in this course.
Also, it had a lot of CSS properties it just wanted copy pasted along with some advanced properties I don’t remember it teacher or ones it only taught once. I feel like this project in particular did two things I didn’t fully like:

  1. Having us copy paste a lot of styling properties and values
  2. Introduce new or nearly new topics as if we have used them often.

I understand this is also good since it forces us to research which I did and found very enjoyable and educational. I just found the balance of it awkward.

Has anyone else felt this way with this project, or is it just me?
I will definitely have to revise the lessons in this project and module before tackling the certification project.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

As always, I love this website and am incredibly thankful to everyone who worked on it and contributes to it.

Thank you!

Personally, I didn’t find it any different from lessons we had learned before. It just introduces us to a few new elements like all the other lessons have done.

No matter what lesson, though, I never remember after going through the lessons just once. I always do them again and again and build them slowly on my own so that I can see what I am doing more clearly and have some reinforcement. I do them over and over again, by typing it out in a text editor on my desktop and checking what each element does. I am current doing “cat photo app” on my desktop for the third time and seeing if I can put my own little twist to it. Like that.

I’m currently doing this lesson, too, and I feel it doesn’t flow as well as the prior ones.
I don’t mind having to look up a lot of things on external sites, but I often find the instructions unclearly worded and dislike the fact that I can’t use shorthand for the CSS. For example, whenever I have to set paddings for left and right, I always have to set them individually to pass. As soon as I get to the next lesson, the standard CSS displays shorthand, anyway.
It’s kind of an awkward lesson and not as well structured as all the ones that came before.

YESSSS exactly. That shorthand stuff happened too often it got so frustrating.
Glad im not the only one
I hope your journey is going well!

Yea I think that’s a good idea. I’m currently revising all lessons before I do the tribute page. Thank you for the advice!

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