Does location matter?

I am 35 years old and have just began my curriculum on FCC. I have no prior IT experience but am looking to make a career change into the field. I am comfortable with continuing my courses on FCC as I have been coding everyday since I’ve started and really enjoy it. One issue I have is my location; my wife and I live far away from any large city that would have a lot job openings for software developers. My question is; Am I wasting my time by learning to code if I don’t live in a large city?

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I’ve been working as a remote developer for over 5 years now. More and more companies allow this type of work so don’t be discouraged by the fact that you live in a smaller city. (As a fun fact, I live in a smaller city where rent and pretty much everything is cheaper, but I have the salary from a company which is based in a large city, which is neat :smiley: )

Just continue to grow as a developer, and companies will not care where you live as long as you provide them with quality services!

Keep up the good work! :clap:

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Thanks, This is encouraging! My wife and I love living in the country. In the past few months coding has become an every day activity for me and it’s almost addicting. Before I got to far into my development I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t wasting my time. Thanks for the response!

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You’re never wasting your time by doing what you love. Eventually it will pay off, you just have to believe and be consistent at it! :+1:

Being willing to relocate would make finding a job much, much easier. That said, programming is one of the few fields that you can work remotely.

Developer can work at home. There are many such vacancies. You must
understand programming so that your knowledge is not in doubt.

And it depends of your country.
In Spain for example is normal that you can make all your work in home for development , but the company tell you that the maximum for one day at week or that is not possible because you can’t use your laptop and they don’t have any laptop for you.
For those who start in company maybe if you growing you can take more opportunity.

I think sometimes that living in a big city is actually harder for finding employment. In smaller towns / cities, there is generally less competition for the jobs available.

Hey buddy! For now focus on your skills so you will be over qualified for the jobs will be applying to and you should be good enough with your current location!

" love living in the country " I can relate

Bigger cities generally have more jobs, higher salaries and more developers. But there are developer jobs everywhere, and you might find less competition (and of course lower costs) in a small place.

The thing to realise is that software development has become a necessity for almost every company, and so the jobs are spread around.

That said, there is a clustering effect, and some cities have a tech scene out of proportion to their population. So do your research, and talk to recruiters.