Does my code have any problem?
I finished this challenge and need reviews.Thank you.

My code:

It looks pretty good. But keep in mind that you didn’t have to do exactly what they did, you could have chosen anyone and done your own design, as long as it was functionally similar, fulfilled the user stories, and passed the tests.

But I can’t find anything wrong with the code itself, but you didn’t quite follow the instructions, for example:

User Story #1: My tribute page should have an element with a corresponding id=“main”, which contains all other elements.

You do not have that. And that is why it fails that test when you apply the test suite.

To apply the test suite, put this at the bottom of your HTML file:

  <script src=""></script>

Then you will see a green hamburger at the top left of the screen and can select the test for the Tribute Page and run the tests and see the results.

You probably just have to make some minor adjustments.

Ok.thank you a lot.:grinning: