Does my Github account appear to be too bleak?

I have been learning to code for 3 years now. Just wondering what y’all think.

I only see initial commits on your repos. Some work done on them would be useful. I suggest you pick one or two rather than trying to spread yourself too thin over any more than that.

If you were an employer, would you hire me or consider me for an interview if you were looking at my github?

If I were merely browsing your github projects from your profile, probably not, since they show no activity and only initial commits. However, it looks like you did a lot of work before doing that initial commit, so that’s good. I recommend next time that you start with a blank repo and make lots of small commits (one per feature or bug) so it doesn’t look like you threw something up and abandoned it.

I’m looking at your PHP blog project, and it looks for sure that you have some pretty solid chops with PHP, SQL, HTML, and CSS, . You’re using raw PHP rather than some framework, but you do have good separation of code and HTML, which is a major improvement over the average slapped-together PHP codebase. And you’re using PDO rather than SQL-injection prone interpolation (something that yes, still goes on in too many codebases).

I’m not often in a position to recommend for hire (and I’ve never been in a position to directly hire anyone), but I’d say you’re a very strong candidate for sure.

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And you’re using PDO rather than SQL-injection prone interpolation

could you please elaborate on this? I have experience with HTML, CSS, and SQL, but not so much with PHP. Thanks. Any links would be super helpful.

This is interpolation. Never do this:

$query = "select * from foo where blah='$someval'";
$rows = mysqli_query($query);  // something like that anyway

Obligatory XKCD link

This is PDO (PHP Database Objects):

$query = "select * from foo where blah=:someval";
$stmt = $conn->prepare($query);
$stmt->execute(['someval' => 'whatever');
$row = $stmt->fetch();

More code, but much safer: you never have to worry about using mysql_real_real_i_mean_it_this_time_escape()