Does my Github Pages blog look ok?

Hi I made a tutorial blog on my github pages site. Wondering if there is something I drastically need to improve in that blog, please?

  • It would be nice with some syntax highlighter for the code.

  • The h1 font-size seems large compared to the other text (I guess that is why the template is called massively). Maybe use an h2 for the blog titles instead.

  • The line-height on the paragraphs are too big.

Instead of using an HTML template, I’d suggest looking into using an actual blogging “framework” (CMS, headless CMS, static site generator), or an actual blogging platform if needed. So you can have stuff like tags, blog entry dates, an interface to create the content, etc. There are a ton to choose from and I don’t really have any recommendations. It also depends on how you want to do it and how much you want to do yourself vs just using a platform.


Thanks. Implemented everything you said except using a CMS which I plan to integrate into my next blog to save me more time. To be honest I really wanted to use something like that but didn’t even know it existed or what it was called. You are an absolute fountain of knowledge!