Does reading codebase of open source projects a good thing?

I have been serious about coding since past five months and have almost completed fcc curriculum.I am learning graphQL nowdays. I recently came across some posts in this forrum and medium posts that say reading source code of libraries sets you apart .If so what javascript open source projects should i start with?

Depends on what direction you’re looking to go. There are questions here or on StackOverflow all the time about “How can I do this thing that jQuery does, only with javascript?”

Well, here’s the cool bit – they use plain javascript. And it’s all open, and readable.

Reading through how React does what it does by reading the source code can change how you look at designing your own web components.

Beating your head on the core of the Phaser library can give you a handle on how to handle keyboard interactions well, or intersections between DOM elements.

It is not easy to read them, they often have utility functions that are built into the library, so you’ll end up scrolling back and forth, or drawing yourself a map and guide. It happens. But there is a LOT of meat in reading open-source libraries and frameworks. Even if you continue to use the framework, you’ll find you use it more intelligently and efficiently.

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