Does this landing page explained well what problem I'm trying to solve?

Hey guys, last two month I was working on a side project, here is the landing page

I was trying to solve a problem How we can get the full stacktrace regardless the code is synchronous or asynchronous? and how we can remove the framework/3rd party related stacktrace in JavaScript context?

I do believe my product solved those problems! What you guys think ? is the presentation is good enough to move forward? feedback please :slight_smile:

I think it does a great job, there are a few grammatical errors however. Also doesn’t modern node and the v8 engine both give async stack traces now?

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Looks cool. Some errors with English grammar maybe have a friend look it over. Simple things like subject -verb agreement .

Also consider a free tier that’s very simple …your likely to get a lot of free users that can become a marketing machine

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Thank you for your feedback, okay I’ll fix those grammatical errors :slight_smile: If you attach debugger then you can see the full stacktrace but in production you can’t.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: much appreciated your feedback, yeah I’ve to find some friends to look it over. I also thought about the free tier, I added one before then removed because of the infrastructure cost. maybe you are right they can boost the marketing :slight_smile: