Does this learning path make sense? (listed out everything I wanna learn within this year)

Right now I am planning on what I am gonna learn within this year.
So, first there is gonna be a brief background and then I am gonna layout my plan.
Then I will ask some questions regarding my plan.

I have been learning through freecodecamp on and off for 1 and half years.
Already finished all of the responsive design projects.

Then I started to learn JS through YDKJS. Read through 1st 4 books of it… Had a basic understanding about functions, data types, primitives VS objects. Still a bit confused about the usage of “this”.

When it comes to freecodecamp JS algorithms and data structures here is my progress.

1.Basic Javascripts. Done
2. ES6 7 quests remain, will come back to it later
3. Regular Expression 50%
4. Debugging Done
5. Basic Data Structure Done
6. Basic algorithms Done
7. Object Oriented Programming 0%
8. Functional Programming 0%
9. Intermediate Algo Scripting 0%
10. Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures projects. 1 out of 5 is finished

So here is what am planning to do:

  1. finish FCC javascript curriculum (everything that is listed above)
  2. finish this course:
    in this course, I am going to dig in a bit deeper when it comes to data structures and algorithms, and big O.
  3. build one CRUD app using js (preferably with authentication) here comes the question
  4. learn how to use JS to manipulate the DOM by following this article:
  5. if I still have time, React

meanwhile I have two mini side projects going on, I won’t focus these that much, just to use it to add in some diversity to what I study everyday, cos I dont want to bury myself into algorithms all the time

  1. finish the 4th iteration of my portfolio (I can probably finish this within a week, already 75% done, did not revamp everything, but changed some of the code cos it does not make sense)
  2. build a blog using jekyll
    (already set it up using the default theme, hosted it on github pages, currently trying to link my custom domain to it)

Okay, here are my questions:

  1. does my roadmap make sense? did I make the mistake of “jumping off to thing X” too soon?
  2. if I want to build a CRUD app, I need to know how to use node.js right?
  3. related to question 2, if I do need to learn node etc, maybe I should finish freecodecamp “managing packages with NPM” & “basic Node and Express” part?
  4. I know that there are multiple ways to build full stack app using JS, I can use vanilla JS, I can use frameworks like react/vue etc. I want to learn the basic, how to build it using vanilla JS 1st, before I touch any frameworks. Does this make sense?

If you have any questions, you can ask me, and any suggestions are welcomed.
Thank you, you guys are awesome.

I hope that I can finish all these within this year.

the react part and the dom manipulation part is optional.

(OR, you guys think that maybe some other part can be optional? tell me what you think! )

And normally I code 4 hours a day.

I hope I can achieve this.

Full stack implies…well, full stack. The front-end is just a part of it. You are very likely to need a framework, but that framework will likely be Express.

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so i need to learn Node JS as well as express, then I can write a full stack CRUD app??

Node is a platform, Express is a framework for Node. In simple terms:
Backend - Node
Frontend - HTML / CSS / JS / React

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ahh… thanks for the clarification.

Check this out, might be helpful :wink:

thanks! I think that I read the medium article a while back. did not know a git repo exist!

If I were you, I’d look at some of the popular web developer bootcamps (such as Colt Steele’s) on Udemy and use their curricula to create your own study plan.

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