Does working in another field of development make moving into web dev easier?

Currently, I work as a developer for a mid-sized company. I handle development and integration with our cloud ERP solution which uses a custom API in JavaScript for development. I have a degree in computer science and just recently earned the oracle certified associate for SQL. What I’d really love to do is move into web development, but getting my first job in development was not fun and I lucked into it.

If I teach myself web development, will I have to start the rat race over again when I move into jobs for web development, or will my current dev experience carry weight? The JavaScript is obviously directly relevant, but that’s it. I feel like the skills I’ve gained in areas such as user requirements gathering (since ERP systems are vital to the organization’s business processes), technical/user documentation, end-user support, a bit about project planning and testing, releasing something into production company wide without effecting day-to-day business processes/transactions and dealing with bugs that come up that could be a potential source of impact on the business would put me ahead in the game.

Anyone who has transitioned have any feedback?

From an outsider’ perspective, you seem pretty well qualified to be a web developer. You have valuable experiences and skills that most fresh candidates won’t necessarily have. As a full stack developer, my day to day experience isn’t too far from what you described.

The question might be can you transition directly into a mid or senior role, and that really entirely depends on you depth of knowledge and management/leadership abilities.

What cloud ERP solution do you work with @devninja89? I work with PeopleSoft myself. It is on premises though.

The key to getting into web development is your portfolio. Once you have a portfolio, and I tend to spy on the people here who got jobs, your dev experience only helps you further.