Doese anyone know where I can get a job

I’ve been a truck driver for the past 12 years, and I’ve decided that it was time for a change. So I started attending an online college for my bachelor’s degree in computer science, specializing in software analysis and development. I learned pretty quickly that the degree program doesn’t do a lot with code. So I started learning it on my own in my free time, and I find myself losing hours learning and writing. I wondered if there is anywhere where I can get a foot in the door and apply what I’ve been learning.

Hi there,
I think the best way is to simulate the actual work projects and work experience as close as you can. Often the professional world does not offer super entry level just for the sake of providing experience to newbies.

Sometimes even if they do offer a job, it happen to be a position that you can not keep up with for a long time. It has way too many challenges, and they do not have that many resources. If you fall into this path, you may end up with a lot of headache and hopelessness.

You either find a suitable entry position through networking or freelancing,or I think it is more practical to advance your skills to a certain degree. Then try and apply for positions.

In any case, keep going you can do this for sure.

Are you still enrolled in your online college? If so, I imagine that you qualify for internships. These won’t pay as well as driving a truck, but they are the traditional way to get that real-world context that is often the biggest barrier to a first job. If you’re ready for a full time job as a developer, then the avenues for finding a job are mostly online. The preferred platforms vary by area, but I would start with LinkedIn, Indeed, and reaching out to local recruitment companies.


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