Doing a paid course and feeling despondent - jump ship?


I signed up here last year and then got involved with other things, but I decided now to start over.

My issue is that I signed up for a reasonably expensive course that is a time limited bootcamp with a job finding thing at the end (it’s guaranteed or you get your money back, I probably don’t qualify for that).

I’ve spent (probably) a total of about 30 hours so far and submitted 6 assignments (5 approved and waiting on the most recent one). Thing is I’m totally and utterly lost. I can’t get a feel for what I’ve learnt at all and the next lesson looks very advanced to me. All of the code needed for the assignments is there on the screen during the lessons so by the time you get to the tasks, you’ve actually completed them (whether you understood it all or not, which I didn’t for the last 2 assignments)

I’ve spent the last half an hour here at FCC starting right at the beginning and learnt more than I have over the last 2 weeks. So my confidence has been given a boost because I am undecided if the issue I’m facing lies with the course and the way it teaches or with me.

My buyers remorse is growing steadily every time I look at the course (I’d lose a bit of money if I cancel but wouldn’t have to pay anything further). It’s not a recognised qualification or accredited by anywhere…

Anyone have a similar experience? I’m feeling I should jump ship and continue here.

Thank you in advance if you’re able to help me.

If it’s very challenging, that could be a good thing! Learning programming and web development is all about throwing yourself into the discomfort. I took Harvard’s Intro to Computer Science and I wanted to cry in frustration because it was so difficult and new to me, but I leaned into my weaknesses and persevered. I think you’re on to the right idea of using multiple resources to compliment your learning and knowledge. Either way, the money isn’t wasted as long as you’re personally advancing.

I’d say keep at it… when you have that feeling of dread that you don’t want to work on your project or assignment, work on it anyway. You’ll be surprised at how quickly that bad feeling just peels away as you start to get some learning and work done. Don’t forget to take lots and lots of little breaks, sometimes when you’re giving your brain a rest is when the magic of learning really happens. Also sleep is so, so important. Whatever impossible task you’re struggling with today, you may find that tomorrow the solution is crystal clear. Also you might be better off seeing a complex task all the way through than you would be bouncing around between beginner tutorials. Perhaps work through your bootcamp, and then come back to FCC to fill in your knowledge gaps.

Best of luck whatever you decide to do!

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Thank you so much Bob!
What you have shared is invaluable. You are right, I do have to go in there and feel the pain; go with it and work with it (it’s probably there for a reason). Throwing in the towel would be easy but it would feel worse than not fighting it.

I can apply this way of thinking to some other areas too!
You’ve given me exactly what I needed. I am so grateful.

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