Doing Back End Development course requires AWS account which requires 24 hours for verification!

I started Back End Development course today and the first task(Manage Packages with NPM) in the second section requires a Cloud 9 account which requires an Amazon Web Services Account.

AWS requires so much details (including credit card#) and even after correctly giving them all that they needed to verify me via inputting 4 digit code on a phone call. I tried this several times correctly but they are unable to verify my code.

Now my account homepage says I have to wait 24 hours for verification and even after that I am not sure if they will accept or will ask for more verification.

There was no such issue when I completed my Front End Development course but why so many hurdles just at the start of Back End Development???:weary:

Sorry bro, Hope some of us don’t face such though

You will probably if you are not in US. Tell me when you start BED course

I am not in the US too. Will let you know when i start

If you search around the forums for “cloud9” or “c9” you’ll see lots of discussion of alternatives to cloud9. Moving forward, FCC will no longer be recommending cloud9 in favor of Glitch.

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AWS called me few hours later and opened my account after some verification. I finished all the tutorials on AWS Cloud 9 which looks a lot better than Glitch. Only MongoDB was a bit troublesome but I found instructions online on how to install and run it on AWS C9.

This link contains correct instructions on how to install MongoDB on AWS Cloud 9. The code on FCC does not work for installation.