Doing the Node challenges in Glitch


The Node challenges seem to be for a different version of the Node app than the one that Glitch generates now; There’s for instance no myApp.js in Glitch. Do I have to create a myApp,js file, or how else do I do those challenges?

Are you logged into Glitch through a GitHub account?

When I’m logged into Glitch through GitHub, and I click on the Glitch link given in the fCC Introduction to the Basic Node and Express Challenges, when the Glitch project page loads, it briefly flashes “importing from GitHub”, and then a complete set of files ready for editing shows up. If I’m not logged in through GitHub, then I get no myApp.js file and an error when I open the server.js file.

When I completed these projects last year, as far as I can recall, this wasn’t the case, but it seems things have changed.

If you haven’t connected a GitHub account to your Glitch account, you might as well do it since you’ll have to upload your code to GitHub to pass the ‘APIs and Microservices’ projects anyway, and Glitch allows you to directly upload your files to a repository with the click of a button.