Doing the projects and skipping exercises?

Anyone else just skip the exercises? I feel projects keep me more engaged and thinking in more depth. Maybe this is bad though, curious what you guys think. I’m on the 3rd project in Apis/Microservices (URL shortener) though I did skip data visualization (for now).

For me it depends on the subject or skill set I’d be utilizing in a certain project. If it’s something I’m still a novice at, I find doing exercises can be really helpful.

Like with JavaScript for example. Doing exercises with the key components (arrays, functions, objects, loops, conditional statements, etc) individually was a great way for me to know how to work with them, which in the end helped me to know how better to use them with each other. Sort of like muscle memory.

On the other hand if it’s something I know really well, I’ll typically go straight into doing projects.

Now if it’s something like FCC, I’m a bit of a completest haha. I like seeing those check marks. So I’m doing exercises I already know how to complete.

I will say, there have been some concepts I’ve come across that either I wasn’t aware of or had heard of but never had a opportunity to mess with. So even though it’s a subject I know like the back of my hand…I’m still learning some new little things. Which is always awesome.

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