Doing the tribute page NEED help or tips

so im doing the tribute page and i think im doing something wrong, no matter what why i type the <main id="main>
it doesnt register as complete. any tips on how i can do this. i looked back at the lessons and they arent much help.

What does that mean?
Please share a link to your pen

codepen provides you with three editors, an HTML editor, a CSS editor and a JS editor.

The HTML editor expects the code you’d put within the body element
The CSS editor expects CSS code
And lastly, the JS editor expect JS code.

Hope that helps

is there a particular way i should type it in css?
that wasnt clarified to me really in the lessons

Or i missed it and didnt catch it

I’m not sure what your question is.

You enter your HTML code in the HTML editor.
You enter your CSS code in the CSS editor.
When you get around to JavaScript you’ll enter JS code in the JS editor.

If you need help understanding how codepen works you can read their official documentation

HI @Shadowariez !

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It looks like there is still some confusion on where to write your html.
Your html goes in the html section here.
You don’t need the doctype when you are using codepen.

Your css will go here

Hope that clears it up!

THANK YOU!!! im trying it again righ tnow

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