DOM doesnot work

Hi, I want to calculate the third side(hypotenuse) of right angle triangle when user gives the length of 2 side (height and base. when calculate button is clicked the result does not want to display in the third input box (h).
i could not figure it out what is wrong with my code.

Round 1

solution 1: right angle traingle's side calculator

<form action="", name = "formclac">
        <li> Base of  triangle (b)*  <input type="number" name = "base"> 
        <li>Perpencidular (p)*  <input type="number" name = "perp"></li>
        <li id = "center"><input type="button" value ="calculate" onClick 
        <li id = "result">hypotenous (h) <input type="number" name ="hypot">

function thirdside() {
    var p, b ,h 
    b = document.formcalc.base.value;
    p = document.formcalc.perp.value;
    h = math.sqrt(math.pow(b,2)+ math.pow(p,2));
    document.formcalc.hypot.value = h;


In the html, your form is named ‘formclac’. In the js, you try to get document.formcalc.

Also, the Math object is capitalized. Math.sqrt() & Math.pow().