DOM manipulation, AJAX, Modular programming

I’m at a point in my programming where I’m starting to get into DOM manipulation, AJAX, and modular programming. I’m currently on the Object oriented section of FCC, but branched out to Team Treehouse and reading the ‘You don’t know JS’ series. Those resources helped a lot in being able to have a deeper understanding of the topics here on FCC, but now I’m at a semi stand still in terms of feeling like I have the concepts ingrained.

When going through the tutorials on Treehouse, everything that’s being presented to me makes sense, but it escapes me when I’m doing things on my own. I’ve paused on Treehouse, but my next section is node.js

I’m just wondering if there are resources out there that helped you with these concepts outside of FCC. I have Colt Steel’s Web Dev bootcamp and a few JS courses on Udemy that I need to dive into, but outside of that it’s basically been youtube for supplemental information. Wondering where to go from here…

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@zlatanlex Providing a link to Google is not very helpful. I am sure the OP knows about Google.

If you have some specific links you want to share that can help answer the OP’s question, then do so.

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Cool. I’ll be sure to ask extra vague questions next time and / or be mildly insulting about it since those are the majority of posts that actually get helpful responses on here.

Please don’t let them get to you. I don’t think he’s ever been familiarized with the “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” concept.

I think this is a common issue most programmers face. I know I have myself, and I’ve ready tons of posts/articles about it, too. Unfortunately, I think the best (maybe only) way to get past it is to just keep coding. Maybe try to do some projects of your own, on the side, that specifically involve the code you’re having difficulties with. The one thing I know for sure about programming is that I learn the best through trial and error. It might be frustrating at the time, but dealing with it makes it stick in your head.

@kschmatt Making personal attacks on the forum is a violation of the FCC Code Of Code. Please refrain from doing so in the future. I have edited your last response.

I don’t think I made a personal attack, but okay.

You didn’t. You called out a 1 post troll and got policed over it and I got a smug response for saying how ridiculous that is.

Thank you for your original response.

I found working on the Local Weather App, Wikipedia Project and TwitchTV project to be helpful in nailing down what I was reading when it came to DOM manipulation and AJAX.


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Awesome! I’m about half way through the beginning algorithms section. Looking forward to getting to those projects.

The process of completing those projects will help you understand how to:

  1. Hit an API to receive data (AJAX)
  2. Display that data in the DOM (DOM manipulation)