I was going through the jQuery course in FCC’s curriculum but I also noticed that their Youtube channel has DOM manipulation but by using pure javascript and I got confused , which of these two should I stick to ? Or its better to know both . I saw similar topics to this but they didn’t answer what I want

It’s definitely better to know and understand how to manipulate the DOM in vanilla JavaScript before using jQuery. jQuery is still active in some legacy applications. Anymore you can easily achieve the same effect using vanilla JavaScript so jQuery isn’t needed. And understanding the pure JavaScript concepts will help you out when learning other frameworks/libraries/etc.

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That actually makes sense. Thank you !

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I put together a Codepen example of DOM manipulation using pure JavaScript to show you how easy it is to mimic jQuery’s event listeners. The biggest pain point a long time ago was keeping track of/adding new event listeners when you have dynamic content. That’s no longer a concern!

Again, Thank you . I really appreciate. Lemme have a look at it.

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The choice between following the jQuery course or learning pure JavaScript for DOM manipulation depends on your specific goals and needs.

Speaking as someone who’s been a professional software engineer and developed a ton of products, learning the fundamentals before learning jQuery, or any other framework, is very beneficial. Understanding why things happen is just as important as knowing how things happen, especially in software development.


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