Domain name with hyphen

I am looking to purchase a 5 letter domain. I am not stuck up on .com but the word is quite popular with costs over $30k for first year and even TLDs like .art are costing over $5k for the first year.
However, I am able to get a .com TLD for $8 usd per year if I use hyphen inside of the name.

The website will be mostly used for hosting a blog as well as personal projects. I might add a merch store later down the line but at the moment I just want to get started.
Do you think it will make any difference in terms of SEO and general credibility between using a straight name or a hyphenated name?

Should I go ahead with the hyphen or try and think of a new name?

As long as domain squatting is allowed it’s understood that punctuation may need to be used in a domain name. Notice the wordpress URLs were the post title is hyphenated. The trouble is communicating your URL verbally to another person. You just need to take care and repeat it so it’s understood that the URL is hyphenated.Most halfway technical users can just read a QR code. There is no SEO penalty for over if you happen to remove tree stumps. Now if you are trying to related a stump to a stub or something else not so obvious then you have an SEO problem to be solved with text in the main and it’ll just take time.