Donations via Patreon

Hi Team,
Please consider creating a Patreon account for accepting donations.
Thank you.

I’m also a Patreon user and think it’s a great platform, but I’m not sure that it’s the best platform for FCC.

  • A core concept of Patreon is that “patrons” get extra perks/benefits/content based on how much they give. FCC is meant to be free for all, with nothing behind any kind of paywall.
  • Patreon takes a percentage off of all contributions. If FCC wouldn’t be using the main function of the platform, this would be a fee for no additional value.
  • I’m not sure whether Patreon is set up well for nonprofit donations. I know that FCC sends me a statement at the end of the year with all the information I need to claim charitable donations on my taxes, etc. Patreon may make this more difficult.
  • Patreon recently screwed itself over regarder US based patrons who pay via credit card. They have moved their payment processing overseas, triggering the fraud detection. I currently have to choose between using PayPal or ceasing my Patreon support because my credit card cannot “whitelist” a specific vendor.

Note: I have no influence over this decision. I am just sharing my thoughts as a person.

Thanks for seeing value in the work the team puts into freeCodeCamp.

Donations are accepted via for all the reasons @ArielLeslie mentioned :slight_smile: