Done! on to the next Challenge!

Ok! Here is it is! for better or worse… I hope that Charlie Poole… or the founders of Wikipedia are not turning over in beds, or graves! :slight_smile:


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Good job @JeffGreenlee42. I like the 2 seperate columns. You dont need the script tag above the html file. If you want to keep it in there you should move it so that it is within the html tag. Also just have a look at your css and make sure you are not repeating any code.

Ah!!! Thank you for the suggestion. At one point I thought I might want to use jQuery, just because we had covered its basic use in the previous challenges… but then as I was working on it I realized it was completely un-necessary… I just didn’t think to remove it! I will do that now. And Yeah… Boy! that CSS can get cluttered! It’s one thing about HTML and CSS that is weird to get used to… just in the fact the utilization is so fluid between HTML and CSS … and it’s doesn’t seem all that clear and defined when to use one or the other! Sometimes you put something in CSS and the affect doesn’t behave as you expect, so you put it directly in HTML, and then forget to remove your attempt in CSS! … and vice versa! :slight_smile: