Done some corrections to my survey page

check out my survey page, i did some corrections to the previous one…
Survey Form via @Codepen

Good try! Here are few suggestions.

  • I would center your content in the middle. You can create a container element that wraps your contents and center it.
  • Put each of your input boxes in new rows.
  • Style the dropdown.
  • Enable clicking on labels will check corresponding check/radio boxes.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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@ayeolakenny, along with everything that @shimphillip said I want to add;

  • id’s can and should be used only once. You’re using the same id three times
  • for as large as everything is on the page, the comment (textarea) section and the submit button are very small
  • when hovering over the Submit button change to a pointer
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And in addition to all of the above,

  1. I think its is advisable to add label tags <label></label> to your inputs.
  2. And you could make the Radio buttons and Checkbox come before the wordings, for example
  • Definately
  • Not Really
  • No

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

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