Done with my portfoio page please any criticism or advice would be much appreciated

It looks like there is very little CSS in the project. How about adding some more color?
Some of the text is not centered which does not look too great. You could add some fancy fonts to make the page look more interesting.

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would get to that now thank yu so much

  1. Press the down arrow to the right of the HTML and CSS code boxes and select “Analyze HTML” and “Analyze CSS”. Fix the errors.

  2. Not sure why you are using the <em> element as a container like you are but that is not right. You use it to add emphasis to words or sentences. If you just want all the text inside a container to have italic then add font-style: italic to the container.

  3. The value of the for attribute on the name label should be lower case (name not Name).

  4. I would suggest learning some CSS Grid or flexbox and use it for the project grid and making it look nicer.

  5. You need to either give the footer text a different color or give the footer a different background color because as it is now you can’t read the text.

  6. Give the nav ul list-style: none; to remove the bullets from it.


would get right on it. is it okay with you if i send you the updated version?

You can just post the updated version here, then others can comment on it as well.

this is the updated version