Done with my Portfolio! Feedbacks Please!

Hey y’all! After a (:tea: + :coffee:)-laced struggle with Bootstrap, I am almost done with my Portfolio. Here is the link to my Web Page. What do you guys think? Any advice on how to layout my content? Perhaps there are some JS features I should include to improve the page responsiveness (currently it is purely in Bootstrap)?

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This is interesting :slight_smile:

On mobile the About section doesn’t occupy the full width (there’s a bit of space on the right side) and it bothers me somehow

Yes, you are right. I fixed it now. I also got rid of the font and am defaulting to Monaco - I was going for an Asian look but the I don’t the font really showed that anyway. Any thoughts?

Cool i loved it. Excellent job. I bet you’re a Naruto fan. :smiley:

Lol I am more of a Basilisk guy.

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It does look cool i gotta check this out!:smiley: