Done with my portfolio please take a look!

Hi campers
Done with my portfolio!
Please comment, suggest, :notes: “say what you need to sayyyyy”:notes: :wink:
On a more serious note: I had to follow a tutorial on you tube because I didn’t know where to start. W3school and Stackoverflow were of a good help too. Working on the tribute page was fine but for the portfolio, I felt kinda lost at first. That’s when things got more complicated but more exciting!!!
ps:(Thanks to some of you who answered to some of my questions on the forum!!)


I like it, but from a style perspective with 3 different background images it is a bit busy

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Thanks for your comment.
I do agree that it is a bit busy. Although i kept the three backgrounds, I removed the blocks that were in the center of each section. I like it better that way.
I now have two versions of my portfolio.