Done with my second project, need reviews

Hey guys, I am done with my second project. Not comfortable with the font color and I dont have idea on how to change it to white . I am also having issues on how to align the checkboxes

A Pen by Aluu Stephen Ewa (

HI @steveboss008 !

I think you forgot to post the link.

Ohh, i really did forget. Thanks for the reminder. Just did

Ok cool.

I think your page looks good.

A few things.

You need to make sure that you keep the test suite and all tests are passing.
Right now it is 13/17.

You have some errors in your html. I would run my code through the html validator

Do not use br tags to force line breaks.
Use css instead.

Inputs don’t have end tags

You have a stray style tag in your css that I would get rid of.
You also a small error in your css. Run your code through the css codepen analyzer.

Personally for me, the black text on dark background is hard for me to read.
I think a lighter background color would be better.

Keep up the good work!