Done with my tribute page and looking for feedback


I’m Cicero Silva from freeCodeCampGoa.

I’ve finally pushed my self to make time to work on the projects and now that i’ve dived in, the excitement is building.

There are issues i’m having with the text alignment which i’m not finding solutions to, so please share any advice and suggestions you might have.

Tribute Page

Thanks in advance for sharing your time and feedback.

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Thank you and it is great work. Though I think there is need to improve the look and feel of the page. Otherwise it is great

nice page, only one thing i want to say that try to make your “The various INCARNATIONS of the HULK” sections responsive too.

Thanks Mutebi,

Could you suggest something you think i need to do to improve the look and feel?
I definitely will be reworking it to get it better.

I think it is responsive, but i’ll check again. any suggestions on the

font styling? not very happy with it but nothing i try seems to be sorting it out.