Done with my Tribute Page- feels like I'm missing something

Hi guys!
I spent two days working on this project and basically kept referencing the CatPhotoApp code/Google for help with my layout.

The user story requirements are complete, but I feel like I didn’t utilize the

features as much as I should have (tbh I barely know how to use them for this project)

I know that it doesn’t have to be perfect right now…
but any feedback or suggestions would be much appreciated!


One thing I would say is to split out your css in the codepen html editor into the css section. You don’t need to include the html style tags in the css editor.

It’s worth getting used to separating your html / css and javascript in this way. On larger projects you will be working with multiple files and file structures.

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It looks to me like this fulfills all of the “User Stories”. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing tinkering to imporove your own understanding and abilities, but insofar as meeting the requirements goes, it looks great to me!

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thanks for responding!

I’ll try to improve it later on!

Thanks for the advice!

and yeah I just learned the importance of separating the CSS from HTML since I’m now working on my personal portfolio :grimacing: