Done with the twitch app!

My Twitch app is live!

It was frustrating when gulp-gh-pages didn’t work for some reason, so I had to push to gh-pages manually :disappointed_relieved:

I didn’t put any effort to make this mobile-responsive (or even choose fonts).

But using templates is amazing :smiley:

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What templates did you use?

I used handlebars.js (via hbsfy, so the templates are in separate files)

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It is nice that you used templates for this,i also used templates for the first time when i did my twitch app.It was fun to use and the code looks so clean.No more appending html dynamically via javascript.

sorry if I’m missing something, but I don’t see the filters for all/on/offline? looks great otherwise!

@nikrb They are not part of the user stories as far as I know, so I’m safe :slight_smile:

@kunalgupta05 Too bad templating has no use in the advanced front end projects…

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