Done with the user stories but CSS is a thorn, Help Survey Page!

please help me, am stuck in CSS, the point where it says “would you recommend our services to a friend” doesn’t seem to fall in place, and the “Areas for improvement” looks awkward in the box but certain lines are not falling in place. please let me know the corrections you make in comments, thanks
survey page

I have edited the code for u. You can just check it now. Just add style=text-align:left for ul tags and make sure input is on the left side for Would u recommend… @Princenuel

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@akkiI didn’t see the changes you made, and I also tried adding the style= text-align: left, for the checkbox, it aligned them well but not at the same vertical centre with the rows above it, as for the ul tags it didn’t work ie it didn’t change. kindly include comments in the areas where I have to make the changes. thanks again

Check this @Princenuel

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ooh great thanks man @akki

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M glad it helped u :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Hi Akki, thanks for letting me know! Sorry, I just got the notification but did not see you full message. Could you repost it here? Thanks.

Asking for the solution??? @Civil