Don't Apply Days : Fri, Sat & Sun

Hey Good People,

One of my mentors at my previous bootcamp insisted to never apply for jobs on Friday, Saturday or Sunday to Zip Recruiter and the like. He felt this would put your resumé at the bottom of a pile and therefore less likely to be viewed.

How do you feel about this?

I hate seeing jobs pop up on these days and forcing myself to wait til Monday to apply.

Not a recruiter but I really don’t understand the logic that being the 1st to apply is worse than being the 200th person to apply. I’ve gotten replies from recruiters over the weekend; employers want to fill positions as soon as possible. Don’t get panicked about not submitting right away but definitely don’t wait.


Apply any day, any time. It’s a game. For example, in basketball, you don’t look at the clock and decide to shoot on a specific time, you shoot every chance you have, to score. You only look at the clock when you’re winning, ball in your court and it’s last few seconds to prevent the opposing team from scoring. Good luck.


I don’t know of any actual data to support this claim.

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That’s assuming a person starts at the last in first out from their email/applications stack. At work I always start at the oldest to the newest email (FIFO)…so waiting to apply is not a good strategy if that’s the case.


Thanks everyone. I felt the advice I received might have some problems. :man_facepalming:

Speaking as a recruiter (who is currently learning to code!) - that advice is a load of rubbish!

One of the first things that most recruiters I know will block out time on a Monday morning to review applications which have come in over the course of the weekend. In fact, you’ll see a lot of companies refresh or post new job adverts on Friday to be ready for the weekend as this is typically when most applications come in.


I’ve worked as a tech recruiter too, and the first resumes I looked at were always the first I’ve received.
And no need to say this but for 1 job, I didn’t look at all the resumes (imagine going through 200+, that’s just too much), I just took the 20 or 30 first resumes and that’s all.
Hope it helps.