Don't be discouraged, but don't forget to do research until you get it

So I finished building my portfolio webpage, very minimalist I shall say, almost dull since I only used a little bit of coloring now and then, and I wanted to take a minute to thank those who participate on forums and ask questions that help up beginners continue with our learning paths.
Also I wanted to point out to an interesting thing, I got very discouraged when building my portfolio page seeing how similar projects submitted by other people were definitely more appealing than mine and then I found out that some of them were actually building their pages using knowledge that wasn’t covered on the css and boostrap FCC lessons, now there is nothing wrong about that but as soon as I realized that I focused on what I knew and put it into practice, I did research about the difference about css and boostrap -no joke- how to group buttons, how to use, differences between cointainer and cointainer-fluid and so on, I am now very pleased with my page and I see it as a stepping stone for things to come in the future, so no matter how simple your page is, you built it and that is just the first step for better things to come.
Here is my page in case you want to take a look.

Have a nice day!


Very nice. Super fancy isn’t always better anyway, some folks actually like minimalism. :slight_smile:

What matters most is you built it yourself and ideally understand exactly how every component works.

I also really like that you made the jump from codepen to local development with git.

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It’s very nice! A little suggestion on the UI, it will be better if the navigation bar didn’t block the section header text (about me, portfolio, contact). Yours definitely better than mine. Keep the spirit! :grin:

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