Don't care about certificate, should I do beta or live?

I’m just doing this while going to school for web development. The beta seems more robust compared to the live site.

If I don’t care about getting a certificate or transferring my progress when it goes live, which is better. I just want the version that is going to teach me the most.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Do live unless you want to be a tester.

@callahan9119 from what I’ve seen so far, the beta offers certain challenges and covers certain aspects much more thoroughly than live. e.g. beta has nice long section devoted specifically to regex. That being said, there are also bugs. Some tests mark everything (or almost everything) correct, even if it’s clearly wrong. Others mark things wrong that should be correct. And so on. So the beta is a decent resource, but I wouldn’t fully trust it on account of it being a… well… a beta. If you’re doing beta, it might be good to run your code on another site, such as, or checking your browser console to make sure that the code actually is or isn’t doing what it’s supposed to.