Don't know how to change autoplay speed in loaded theme

How can i change Speed of slides in main section?
It’s owlCarousel, but don’t know where i need to change it :slight_smile:

Hello there,

If you are referring to how often the slides automatically change, then it is in this object here:

const Default = {
  interval : 5000,
  keyboard : true,
  slide    : false,
  pause    : 'hover',
  wrap     : true,
  touch    : true

Change the interval to have a value of whatever you want (in milliseconds).

Hope this helps

Can’t find this fragment of code…

There should be a carousel.js file somewhere, which contains the above mentioned object.

It doesn’t works…

All i have about intro

It is very difficult to work off of screenshots of code. Would you mind creating a CodeSandbox, or or similar with your code? Then, share the link.

The slide interval is set in one of two places:

  1. The class constructor config argument:
class Carousel {
  constructor(element, config) {
  1. The default properties object (the code in my first reply)

So, if the default has been overridden, it will be because of the config.

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Found the solution. It was bootstrap Carousel.

Added in js:

    interval: 4000,
    keyboard: true
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