Don't know how to update an array element with mongoose

Well it seems that as soon as I pass one hurdle I immediately run into another, much higher one. I’ve gotten almost everything working in the voting app, chart and all, but I can’t seem to update the value of my votes array in the database. Not only that, but I’m not sure as to which method I should use (find, findOne, findOneAndUpdate, or just update).
This is my votes model:

const pollSchema = new Schema({
    user: {
        name: String,
        question: String,
        choices: Array
    date: Date,
    votes: Array

By default the array is filled with 0’s, and the elements correspond to the choices array.

Don’t forget to use mongoose’s .save() method after updating the count in the choices array to make the update persist.

I ran into this exact problem on the Voting app too

Thanks for the response! So on the server I tried the findOne method, updated the array element, basically element++, and then I called save on the entire object. But when I look at the database, none of the votes have been updated. Which mongoose method did you use?

Wow I got it! I had to add markModified, and now apparently it’s working.