Don't know if this is the right Subforum but I have to say something

Hi there, fellow campers!

As stated in the Title, I don’t know if this is the right Subforum but I wanted to say something:
Whoever created the curriculum and its challenges for fCC: A HUGE "THANK YOU!"
I wanted to learn how to code for the last 10 years and whenever I tried, I always ended up thinking “ah well, coding is not for me” after the shortest period of time. Aside from the change in personality that I’ve gone through (from rather feeling-based to rational and objective), this is the first time in my life that I’m actually able to understand code! Well at least code that is “at my level”, so to speak.
I’m only almost finished with basic Javascript but this is easily 10x further than anything I’ve ever been. Whatever source I used in the past (Online courses and even university), they were not even half as good when it comes to explaining stuff.
I know I still have A LOT to learn but for the fist time in my life I think I’m actually able to make it.

So, really: Thank you to whoever created this! I will make sure to return the favor as soon as I’m able to.

Best wishes from Germany :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing this. Free Code Camp is built by volunteers who do this as a labor of love. Congratulations on making it further than you thought you could. Happy coding.