Don't understand Redux store listener

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I’m going through the redux section of the front end libraries certification and I am so confused at what it wants me to do here to make count go up when the store is updated. It says to make a callback function but the example they give requires a static variable whereas this problem deals with a function being called / a value changing so it gave me 0 clarification. I can think of how to do it in react but im completely lost with what to put within my function which I’ve aptly titled “idk”.

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const ADD = 'ADD';

const reducer = (state = 0, action) => {
switch(action.type) {
  case ADD:
    return state + 1;
    return state;

const store = Redux.createStore(reducer);

// global count variable:
let count = 0;

// change code below this line
let idk = function(){

// change code above this line

store.dispatch({type: ADD});
store.dispatch({type: ADD});
store.dispatch({type: ADD});

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Challenge: Register a Store Listener

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You just increment the count variable. It’s not a trick question – this is nothing to do with React or anything like that, it’s just asking you to add one to a number. You have a variable count. Write a function that adds one to count every time it gets called. The subscribe method on the Redux store object just lets you register a function that will be called every time the store updates.

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I was thinking the function had to reference a specific action taking place, didn’t realize that part was automatically within the .subscribe method. Thanks!