Don't understand this part of HTML basics tutorial?

So I’m currently doing the Basic HTML and HTML5: Nest an Anchor Element within a Paragraph lesson, and below is the main help text. I’ve completed this lesson, it was easy, however I don’t understand the bolded(and code formatted) section of the tutorial (look below for further explaination.)

You can nest links within other text elements.

Here's a <a href=""> link to</a> for you to follow.

Let’s break down the example:

Normal text is wrapped in the p element:
<p> Here's a ... for you to follow. </p>

Next is the anchor element <a> (which requires a closing tag </a>):
<a> ... </a>

href is an anchor tag attribute that contains the URL address of the link:
<a href="http://freecodecamp(dot)org"> ... </a> I understand this part (this is essentially what I used to complete it.) It’s an anchor with a HyperText Reference pointing to freecodecamp(dot)org, with the display text of ‘…’

The text, “link to freecodecamp(dot)org”, within the anchor element called anchor text, will display a link to click:
<a href=" ... ">link to freecodecamp(dot)org</a>I do not understand this part. Wouldn’t this attempt to link to ‘…’ with the text ‘link to freecodecamp(dot)org’? What is the point of this? Am I misunderstanding this or would this throw an error?

The final output of the example will look like this:
Here’s a link to freecodecamp(dot)org for you to follow.

(The (dot)s are because new forum members can only put 2 links per topic.)

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it means the text >>> link to >>>> is linked to the url

it basically turns the text into a hyperlink

I’m confused :confused: How is it that the hypertext ’ . . . ’ is a URL address for the regular text ’ http://freecodecamp(dot)org"?
Does ’ . . . ’ mean something universal in HTML? Is it some form of ID that is set with the first href example? If you could explain it in more depth that would be awesome because I really want to have a perfect understanding of every single thing I type. Thanks for the answer though <3

The … just to represents text which would go in that position. It is not a universal code.

Maybe it would be clearer to you if it was written like:

<a href="">this is the text users will see</a>

Oh I see thank you! Huge over sight on my part can’t believe I didn’t realize that :confused:

Wow I’m a mess I meant to reply to randelldawson Don’t understand this part of HTML basics tutorial?