Don't understand where is the img src location for a link

Hello, idiot coder here. I finished the HTML and am barely into the CSS courses right now; I started studying coding because the company i’m interning at, is asking me to swap out some shop links+their picture (I am a pharmacy related student…bro…pay the developer for site maintenance…)

From my knowledge, I’ll have to delete the black boxes circled to delete 3 links+their pictures, then in their place I’ll add a new link+pic with:

<a href="new link" target="_blank" title="name of new shop link"> <img source="???" alt="new shop logo">

I don’t understand the img src, where/what is <?php echo get_stylesheet_directory_uri(); ?>, how can I locate the directory so I can import/upload a new shop logo in it?

Fyi the website is a wordpress one with custom themes + plugins installed.

Thank you so much for your help!

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Thank you for your reply!

Is the php file also included in the theme editor page? Or is the access needed from somewhere else (?)

I’m using Wordpress, was trying to modify in Appearance > Editor

In all likelihood that file is found in the root of the WordPress theme or child theme. You are looking at what is referred to as a “custom page template”, or at least that is what it seems to be from your pasted code snippet.

Try installing a plugin called “Show Current Template”. That will tell you the name of the file that is rendering the links and images shown in that code snippet, and where to find it.

You can see the file name by going to the page with the images and links while logged into the website as an admin. You will see it as a new drop-down at the top in the admin bar, just hover over it.

And yes you can probably edit the file via the Appearance > Theme Editor.

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