Double styles\responsive Pomodoro Clock - looking for feedback

Greetings! This was my final project for front-end libraries and I had lot of fun making this layout. It is inspired by old school monochrome handheld games.

There are 2 layouts - one for horizontal browsers and one for vertical, and I wonder how well it works on vertical ones.
UI should scale to any resolution as well, so let me know how well it works.

I will appreciate all feedback!

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I havent even reached the front-end libraries but i think this page is amazing and both the layouts are extremely well designed. I feel like the distortion on the horizontal layout screen is a little much but its still readable. keep up the great work, im really excited to see what you make next ! :+1:

Thanks for feedback! Yeah, not sure what I was thinking with that flickering, I made quick dirty change to off\on button above session duration label to switch it on and off, hopefully it will help.