Doubt about FCC publishing article

Hello Everyone. Sorry for the question, but I really have some doubts after having read the FCC contribution style guide.
The freeCodeCamp Publication Style Guide
Since I would like to do a good contribution, please let me ask you:

  1. If a person has a couple of articles on blogger or word press, can they be sent to the editorial staff, or the articles must be completely “new”?
  2. Is compulsory to use GitHub Markdown in the process, or is something that the editorial do?
  3. In the article the “freeCodeCamp contributor account.” is mentioned. Do I have to apply to this account before sending an article proposal or is just optional?

I would be very grateful if you made clear to me this specific doubts.
Thank you for your time and attention.

Yes, the articles should be new content.

Yes, the markdown tool is part of the process.

Yes, you should apply to become an author.

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you can use those as part of the application process, but you can’t propose those to publish


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