Doubt in Survey Form Project

Please I didn’t get what it means by:

“You can build your project by forking this CodePen pen. Or you can use this CDN link to run the tests in any environment you like:”. Can some one explain me?

A form should have an action attribute (where I suppose the infos are sent), should I set any action for this challenge?

I’m building my projects on brackets, and when I have to update my answer I do it using the link of my local machine, and it’s working… That’s fine?

you can put in the line <script src="<"></script> in the -head or body section of your html file or project which will allow your project to call ajd load the testing software so you can see if you pass all the tests.

free coee camp developed a test suite you can run in a little pop up window to see if you pass all the user stories… don’t forget the closing</script>tag. It can cause all kinds of odd behavior on your document id you forget that.

The other option is to fork or split the existing template on codepen and work from there.

It should also be noted that sometimes thr test suite code with script tags still included I mentioned above will only work if it is in between <head></head> or sometimes ´`
It just depends on the project and you device/browser set up dont know why theoretically it should work either way.

I have gotten in the habit of setting up my skeleton html body and style. and meta tags then pasting the script tags for the test suite and making sure it pops up before ineven think about coding the actual project and if it disappears after refreshing the page periofically during development ill know I neee to move it to debug the behavior of the debugger tool :slight_smile:

use the cdn link in script tags as @microbay suggested, you can use any action attribute and yeah building projects on brackets is fine!

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Thanks so much, I really appreciate that!