Doubt -what happens we forgot our first lessons

We are doing a lot challenges right ,what happens if we forgot our first lessons. What you guys do to remember all those lessons?

Hey Alex,

do you know how to ride a bike?
If yes, how did you do it?

Have you been sitting besides your bike and wrote down some notes like “first, I have to sit on it, then I have to use the pedals, …”

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search above all. do you need an image in your html? google “image html” and it will come out.

practice a lot, and keep using Read-Search-Ask


You’re only going to remember what you actively use. Forgetting is part of the human brain’s design. But when you review, the info gets in a little deeper. Personally, I hit the forum and try to answer questions I should be able to, so that even as I forget a lot of html/css/basic JS/Python, I can review a bit. And if I see something I feel like I should know, as @iehleen said, “read-search-ask.”

If you keep learning new stuff, you will find that you have to use the old information at some point. You will either remember it, or not. If you don’t, you can google it or look back at things or use MDN documentation.

There are things I learned like 6 months ago that I completely forgot the next day, but now I finally need to use that information. And because I need it, a quick refresher has solidified my understanding of it.

If you just keep going, you’ll be fine.