Download main points of classes?

I’ve done the first HTML exercise.
Before moving to the first CSS I wonder if there is a document that has some sort of ‘map’ of the things we’ve covered??

  • We’ve covered basic h elements
    ** elements are . . .
  • We’ve looked into Form and covered
    ** input
    ** label
    ** name

and so on

is there such a resource available?

Hi @wisdomlight !

Welcome to the forum!

To my knowledge there is not PDF document of notes for the FCC courses.
As you go through the courses, you can take notes if you want to.

You can also rely on documentation which covers everything you learned in FCC and more.

Ok thank.
I’ll create my own notes. That’s probably the best.

In addition to what was mentioned also know that FCC is not comprehensive. Not every HTML element has be covered.

For instance, when you go to build the survey form project there is an element that you’ll need to use that wasn’t covered in the FCC lessons. You’ll need to do some searching.
Another good resource is dev docs.

Happy coding!

That’s fine.
Thank you for keeping me informed.

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