Download universe.sql file

Hello, how can I connect my universe.sql file to github to complete Step 2? Everytime I right click on the sql file (in the VM) and try to download it nothing happen.

When I try to enter
“psql -U postgres < universe.sql”
like it says in the description, I just get this respawn, no file:
“Border style is 2.
Pager usage is off.”

(I’m an absolut beginer)

using the latest version of chrome

Challenge: Build a Celestial Bodies Database

Link to the challenge:

  1. Check that Step 1: Complete the proj gets checkmarked as completed
  2. use pg_dump command to create universe.sql file on the VM and copy it to a file
  3. Create a new repository in your Github account, which you used to connect to tutorials
  4. Download to this repo your universe.sql file and than copy its URL address from browser and paste it into Step 2
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