Downloading Offline Versions of W3Schools or DevDocs or Something Similar?

Lets say I had a laptop without a wireless card, homies. Or any kind of Ethernet port/internet driver, period. And let’s say I wanted to do some coding on aforementioned laptop. I know how to get a text editor on there. But I’d like to have access to a reference for HTML, CSS, and Javascript - something like or

I know DevDocs is meant to be used offline but it requires having a browser that connects to the internet so you can add it to your browser’s cache, right? If I’m taking a USB stick to a laptop that has no wireless card, how do I move it, or something like it? And then how do I access it?

Same goes for FreeCodeCamp offline - I know there’s a github repository, but once I download the repository how do I open it up like I would if I was accessing it on the web using a browser? Apologies for the extreme n00b questions, y’all. Thanks in advance!


A long time ago, I came across SparkCharts that you can buy for references. There are HTML & CSS, but I don’t know about JS. Hope these help! :smile:

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Hello camper ! I had the same problem like you and is solution :slight_smile:

Something doesn’t work ? Contact me :smiley:

Enjoy it !

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Lukashanak - I just install the “noinst zip” file and unpack all files onto my usb flash drive? And then I can just use that version of httrack to download those pages/directories onto my flash drive, which I can then use on the laptop without internet access?

I use Dash…not sure if that helps you though.


I don’t use a Mac, AB, but I might get one in the future. Glad you posted this, fellow Bear. B-)

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haha…bears of a feather stick together…or something like that.

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We roll with wolves, too

Tough problem, took a tour of the internet and so far nothing, the closest solution would be dasht but that’s for linux.

There is a Windows and Linux version of Dash called Zeal and Velocity, they both use Dash’s docsets.

An alternative solution, since you have USB on the laptop, is a USB wireless adapter. And yet another alternative is finding out how to run Linux on a USB stick (something like Live USB but with persistent storage) and just run that USB stick on any computer with or without internet.


I’d recommend to stay away from w3schools. I can’t think of any possible reason to need something other than MDN.


Does MDN have an offline repository?

I have one such linux boot on USB…

Zeal looks like the perfect solution.


Downloaded! Thx duders!!!


thank you :thumbsup:

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Yes, that’s exactly how it works :slight_smile: HTTrack copier download full website, with full code of the website ( you can chose, if u want to mirror links on the site you are downloading. It’s on you, what do you want. On windows it’s easy, on Linux you have to do in terminal, but it’s easy there too) When the page is downloaded, just copy file to your USB, copy to your notebook without internet connection. Then open file index.html in 1. directory and you can browse anywhere, anytime, without the internet connection ! I have downloaded full page of and much other websites :slight_smile:

PS: I am sorry for so late reaction to your comment, I forget…

Happy coding, Lukáš Hanák, Czech Republic

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What resources with educational materials exist except w3school?

Is there an equivalent of zeal for mobile? works without network with portable browser

try app

According to the MDN site you can download a tarball of approx 2.1GB.

This is just an alternative method, they explicitly mention Zeal and other third-party tools.