Dr Abdul Kalam Tribute Page Please Have A Look

Hello Campers,

Just completed my responsive web design challenge 1 :desktop_computer:
Have a look and give your valuable feedbacks

Click the link below :
Dr Abdul Kalam Tribute Page

Thanks :slight_smile:


It looks very very nice and creative. Great job!

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@razzakammar_nano Thank you very much for your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks Perfect for me as first challenge :ok_hand:.
I have to do the same challenge now :pleading_face:

It looks great! I love your sideways navigation bar! On the first page I think you should make the caption of the image in a different font or a little smaller so that it separates it more from the rest of the text. On the second page you can also change “time line” to “timeline” because it’s a single word. For your timeline, I’m a little confused about the order because it doesn’t seem to go in chronological order from top to bottom or left to right. The design is beautiful.

@jordanbussiere Thank you for the valuable feedback. I’m looking forward to do the changes that you mentioned :slightly_smiling_face: