Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Tribute Page

A simple formal tribute page…hope for some suggestions

Well, a very simple one :slight_smile:
Maybe you should think about fonts and colors to add more personality and uniqueness to your project. Now it looks like a draft without any touch of design.
Also I don’t like the scrollbars for your lists, I think there’s no need to add them. That’s just my opinion.
And you can write CSS styles in second frame, it is more convinient when CSS is separated from HTML.
I believe you can do more, good luck!


yes, i’ll try to separate CSS from html
I’m not much familiar in adding some attracting designs , hope this page is up to the mark for a guy who started web development course just 2 months back.
thank you for your valuable suggestions.

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Yes, your page works correctly and that’s the main point.
I suggest to add some design even not for ‘attractiveness’, you don’t have to be a cool designer. Just think about how many new challenges you’ll face while trying to build more difficult layout. It’s all for training and practicing. You’ll try all the stuff from curriculum.
So don’t restrain yourself, use everything you know on your next project.

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ya sure!! something big is awaiting :slight_smile: