Dr. Kalam Tribute Page

When I decrease the size of google browser below 67% then my blockquote appears at upper part of browser and also my all tribute-info shift to the left. So please provide me some solution that how can I overcome this problem.
please give feedback about my tribute page on https://codepen.io/Victor49/pen/GXoLgp
And tell me is there anything else that I have to improve.

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Link to the challenge:

In your media query you need to restyle those sections for that size.

I tried some small size like max-width=200px or some other option in media query but nothing happened. So can you provide me some guide to how to do it?

Remove the line-heights that you have set to your body { } @540px and @800px and also set the default margin to 0 in your body { }

Do not use em to line-heights, best case is to use just units ( 1, 2…) numbers,
line-height: 1 moves the second line 1 times the height of the first line, similarly for 2 and the rest

I tried as you mentioned but It didn’t worked.

I saw your pen now, you did not remove the line-heights yet

EDIT: I tested in your pen and it worked